About Me!

Hello, My name is Rachelle and I am from The Netherlands. My nickname on this blog is Katy as you can see. I liked this when I was younger and now I just kept it ;). Maybe it's weird, but I am weird so it suits me haha!

Anyways I have a pasion for traveling (especialy to India), photography, cooking and Bollywood!
When I'm older I would love to do something with photography or tourism. I am still working on my dreams and create new ones day by day.

At this moment I am following the study Tourism Management at the universty of InHolland. At this moment I am at my third year already. For my study I am currently doing an internship in Online Marketing. I also hope to work for a magazine or something in the social-media world. And maybe I can mix tourism with that dream. It sounds like a great mix between my hobby and my normal life. 

I am also working at a fruitcompagny to pay my trips around the world and my study. I love this job very much, because it keeps me healthy. Besides working in a shop full of healthy food, I am also a vlogger now ;)!

Things about me :

Magazines: Zoom, Happinez
Favorite books: Echte mannen eten geen kaas, How I Live Now, Een Schitterend Gebrek
Favorite quotes: "To Live Doesn't Mean You're Alive" - Nicki Minaj, "Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here" - William Shakespeare
Sites: Blogspot, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Wordpress
Favorite Music: Hilary Duff, Shakira, Alicia Keys, J Balvin, Maluma and Inna
Country's I like to go to: Venezuela, England & India
Favourite colour(s): Red, Pink, Black & Gold
Things I like to do: Write in my dairy, blogging, traveling, music, shopping, photography, vlogging, sleeping, cooking, India, learning languages, poledancing and I like to EAT!
Favourite places in Holland: De Efteling, Schiphol, Scheveningen, Rotterdam en het Vondelpark.
TV things I like to watch: TMF, Eurovision, Holland's Next Top Model, Trace Urban, Amrit Manthan, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why & Gossip Girl
Movies: Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, An Angel For May, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, every movie with Hilary Duff, Mean Girls, I hate luv Stories
Things I love to eat: Turkish Pizza, Roti, Chicken, Carpaccio, Hummus
Things I like to drink: Milkshakes, Mojito's, Cherry Cola, Tea, Starbucks (strawberry and cream), Fernandes & coconut water

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and that you can escape the boring life ^^!

xxx Katy ^^!

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