Happy Queensday!

Happy Queensday en sorry voor de foto haha xD.
Anyways i'ts our last Queensday for now, next year our country the national holiday will be called Kingsday! Dus hoezee voor de nieuwe regerende vorst =P.
Ik ga vandaag ik elk geval lekker steeldrummen ^^!
And for the English readers:
Queens/Kingsday is our (The Netherlands) national holiday. It's the day when most of the people in The Netherlands also wear our Dutch color: Orange! But I don't, because I have to play steeldrum today and our band has his own "dresscode" xD.
Veel plezier op Koninginnedag vandaag <3!
xxx Katy ^^!


  1. Great post!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..


  2. Hahaa geweldige foto! Nog een fijne koninginnedag!


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