Free gifs!

Ik post vandaag wat gifs voor je blog ^^! Ik hoop dat je ze leuk vind <3! Er zit vooral Tokio Hotel en Paramore in, maar ook nog Taylor Momsen en MCR! Misschien wel leuk voor je blog of fanpage <3!

Tokio Hotel ;

Aww, he will be a good daddy if he ever does have kids. :’)

When Gustav laughs like that it’s the most endearing thing ever omg

Bill: We’re probably going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Taylor Momsen ;

O perigo é muito mais divertido. Average Girl ∞

Paramore ;


Interviewer: What about Robert Pattinson?     
Hayley: What about him? (laughs)
Interviewer: Is he just a friend or..?
Hayley: I don’t know him, it’s funny that people think that we dated and all this stuff ‘cause i literally sat down with him like this for about 30 mins. It was one of the most awkward 30 mins of my life ‘cause he’s very shy….I don’t, i’m not one of those girls that likes him. Every girl think he’s really hot, i don’t think he’s hot. I think that he should if he wash his hair maybe, or fixed it maybe a little bit more that would help. But then again i don’t like really clean looking guys either so i don’t really know. I just don’t like Robert Pattinson.(laughs)


Greenday :
refinerysun:   One light, one mind flashing in the dark, blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts.  The Green Day pledge. :D

xxx Katy ^^!

Ps. Als jullie het leuk vinden komen er meer ^^!


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