Katy Perry's new hair color.

Check Katy haar smurfen jurkje!
Katy Perry has a new hair color..AGAIN! But this hair color, I really like the most of all <3! Really she's a beautiful blonde, don't you think ?
Katy haar niewe look!
Well, as you can see, she's now posing for the movie The Smurfs. I even think her dress looks great on her ^^!

For more Katy Perry click : Katy Perry .

What haircolor you like the most of Katy Perry ??

xxx Katy ^^!


  1. Ik vind het mooier dan normaal maar haar benen lijken zo lelijk ;o zonde

  2. wow die jurk is echt prachtig
    ps: bedankt om terug te volgen meid :)


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