India through the eye of a skater!!!

   Information :
Oxelo Skateboards presents this fascinating and well-executed short film, self-explanitorily entitled "India Skateboards." Showcasing the vibrant, colorful and at times breathtaking scenery of India as well as its jubilant, hard-working population -- the video follows skaters around an urban landscape encompassing busy streets and ancient ruins; making the point that no matter where you are in the world, some good skate tricks will always draw and inspire a crowd. Ending with a little charity, the Oxelo-sponsored team help give away and paint some customized skatedecks to an eager and grateful room full of schoolchildren. Definitely worth checking out for an exotic take on a familiar pastime.
When I found this movie about skaters I really want to share it with you <3. It's different than the most skater movies I have ever seen. Normally I see movies that were made very quick with rock music, but in this movie it's different.

It's very cool and you can also see a part of India in it ^^. Somebody on Youtube said : "Amazing! India through the eye of a skater!!!". I think that reaction is really creatif, so that's why I called my blog : India through the eye of a skater. You can actually see the movie as India through the eye of a skater ^^!

What do you think about it ^^?? Are you a skater =]??

Source (French site) : Guilhemmachenaud

xxx Katy ^^!


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