H&M Autumn Season 2011

I saw that many people had blogged about the H&M Autumn Season 2011 magazine. And I also wanted to show you some fashion ^^! Some bloggers liked the fashion a lot, but there was also someone who didn't liked anything from H&M.

But I found a few things I liked so tadaa :
I like the jacket, but I'm actually searching for a red jacket.
And on this picture above I like the Coltrui (see Coltrui 19.95) =P!
I like the dress (on the left) the most <3!
The last item I like (And my little sister agreed ^^) was the colorful sweater. You maybe think that's weird, because well it looks weird. But I think the sweater can really keep you warm and I like colorful things. Not everything has to look always perfect <3!

Well, do you like the fashion you see on this pictures or do you have seen something better then this in your H&M magazine ?? If you see my pictures, which one is your favorite ?? And if you also have the magazine, are disappointed or are you really enthusiastic about the collection ^^??

xxx Katy ^^!


  1. Ik moet die linker trui van het 4e plaatje gewoon hebben!

  2. ohjee, dit wordt weer een aanslag op mijn portemonnee als ik het zo zie..;)

  3. ik vond ze erg tegenvallen, je hebt mijn wishlist al gezien hihi ;)
    jij hebt ook leuke dingetjes uit gekozen!

  4. die jas wil ik ook echt heel graag,
    die is echt leuk, vooral in die beige kleur vind ik. :)

    liefs noah


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