Coolest house in San Francisco!

The coolest house in town
Hi ^^! Today I was looking for some cool photo's for my blog and I found a blue house in San Francisco. Well, I like to post photo's on my blog so that's why I posted this photo's today ^^.
Tells something to us all
And I was wondering, what do you think of the house ?? Would you like to live in this house, or do you just think it's only beautiful for a picture ?? Or do you just think it's ugly... ??

I like the photo, but I don't think, I would like to live there. I rather live in England <3! And my dream house is different then this, but I think the pictures are beautiful ^^!

xxx Katy ^^!


  1. Wat een mooi huis!
    Ik vraag me af hoe het er vanbinnen uitziet. :)


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