Rob's Birthday!

Yesterday me and my family went to Poortugaal (a place in Holland), because my cousin was gonna celebrate his birthday ^^. He's 21 years old now =O! Most of the family was there and we were lucky with the good whether. We did a barbecue that day, so jhee finally =]! I really wanted to have a barbecue for a long time so hahaha ^^.                     
And that day was extra special, because we finally met the girlfriend of Rob. Het name is Carola and she's from Spain. When I talked with her on facebook I was surprised, because she is pretty good in talking Dutch. When we talked with her yesterday, we talked more English then Dutch, so that was different. Anyways it was fun that day ^^!
After the barbecue we ate icecream. Hahaha, first I thought it was a pie xD. But it was icecream ^^.

It was a fun day and everybody survived except Rob =O. No oké he survived too, but when he tried to give everybody a piece of... icecream the knife cuts in his finger =O! But he's okay and he will have Carola two weeks for himself ^^.
xxx Katy ^^!


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