Red hair!

One of the most things I like are people with red hair. Really I'm so jealous! I wanted to paint my hair red, but if I will paint my hair red and I decide later to paint it blonde again I have a problem. Because if you want to paint it back to blond your hair will look orange! Maby orange is cool with some people, but I don't wanna have orange hair. I would like to have red hair <3! I see so many beautiful pictures of people with red hair that I decided to share some pictures with you ^^.
 So maby I can't paint it extremly red, but on the last picture there is a color that I maybe can do. I'm gonna ask my hairdresser if this is a great color. And if I can paint it blonde again without a problem. The picture is of Ariana Grande. I really love the picture and the color of her hair ^^. I hope to paint my hair in this color in the winter <3.
xxx Katy ^^


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