Lady Gaga doll ??

Today I read an article about Lady Gaga that I wanted to share with you guys ^^ :

Lady Gaga's 'little monsters' are superfans? Think again. Designer Lu Wei Kang, who describes Gaga as 'very special,' has spent the past year studying his idol's craziest getups and then recreating them in miniature for Barbie dolls.

Yes, that's right, Lady Gaga no longer plays dress up like a doll, she is a doll. Kang, a 29-year-old designer from Beijing, China, creates outfits that are so impeccable, it's uncanny (if not slightly creepy.) Click through to see Lady Gaga all dolled up ...

Above, Gaga's 'hair-bow' look has truly taken on a life of its own.


I think if they sell a Lady Gaga doll many people would like to buy one haha ^^!

xxx Katy <3


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