New make-up and stuff!

Today my mother showed me a box of Yves Rocher with lots of make-up and a bikini in it ^^. But unfortunately the bikini belongs to my sister.. And woehoe the make-up is for me =P! I've got some new nail polish and other fun stuff <3!  Here are some pictures ( I didn't make pictures of everything by the way ) :
                                 This is : "Monoï de Tahiti". The shampoo smells like summer ^^.
                                                    This is the purse for the make-up.
                 This is a gel blush. I've never heard of it before, but I will figure everything out ^^!


Some pictures didn't work very well so that explains the 2 different backgrounds =P. 

All the stuff you saw where from Yves Rocher : Yves Rocher .

I've also some stuff from Douglas, but I will blog that later ^^.

xxx Katy


  1. Leuke producten!

    Nee, ik ga niet, ze komen niet naar België. Jammer genoeg, anders was ik zeker geweest!



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